Artworks Featuring the Calligraphy of Peter Taylor

Elegant and artistic creations crafted especially for you by the author of ‘Practical Calligraphy’ & other books.

Peter Taylor’s Calligraphics is based in Brisbane but is delighted to meet the needs of clients worldwide.

In the same way that a dancer joyously responds to the rhythms and patterns of music, calligraphers respond to words and enjoy creatively adding letter-shapes in an arrangement that expresses their feeling or is appropriate.

The pieces shown on this page have all been produced for my personal pleasure or to illustrate one of my calligraphy books – but I will be delighted to work with words of your choosing to create a unique and beautiful artwork for you to hang on your wall or for the recipient to cherish. Artworks featuring calligraphy make ideal gifts for birthdays and celebrations, corporate presentations, tokens of thanks to wedding attendants, at the birth of a child or baptism or a retirement - almost any occasion imaginable.

Generally, this kind of artistic use of calligraphy is most effective when a small number of words or lines are written.

All prices shown are for the work to be created for the purchaser's personal use only. If an artwork is to be printed for commercial gain, a rights agreement will be drawn up and a different price negotiated.


Approx. AU$100-150


Approx. AU$150-250

Approx. AU$250-500



Approx. AU$500-1,000