Corporate Calligraphy by Peter Taylor

Calligraphy provides an elegant and personal touch to communication.

Peter Taylor's Calligraphics in Brisbane specialises in personalising certificates and stationery for corporate functions and events and in creating gifts and presentations.

Presentation calligraphy

Certificates are traditionally completed in archival quality black ink in Italic calligraphy, though other writing styles can be used and corporate colours matched, if preferred.

The cost is usually around AU$2-3 per line but a fixed price quotation will be given if you can provide the certificate size and design and a representative sample of the information to be added, so that completion time can be estimated.

When organising the printing of certificates or invitations, please tell your printer/designer that the names will added in calligraphy using water based ink so that card or paper stock and the printing method can be selected with this in mind. Some high gloss and metallic papers and card are impossible to write on, as are surfaces or backgrounds that have been laser colour-printed.

So that the calligraphy can be added elegantly without looking cramped, it is also a good idea, prior to creating the certificate layout, to tell the designer how long the names will be or how much information will be added so that sufficient space can be provided.

Calligraphy can be created for inclusion in the certificate design.

Event calligraphy

Guest names on invitations and place cards

Guest names centred on invitations
From $2.20 per invitation

Addressing envelopes
$3.85 per envelope incl. GST

Names on place cards
From $1.98 per card, on one side

(At additional cost, you may wish to have names inscribed on both sides of place cards and/or have company details added)


Invitation design

Logo design and advertisements

I can provide some suggestions for logos and lettering. I only create by hand in pen and ink, so they will always, well... look hand done. If you wish it to look like type, you may then choose to have a professional graphic designer work further with my design and manipulate it according to your needs.

Signage and ticket writing

Ticket writing is an art in itself. I am not a professional ticket writer and only write in my normal calligraphy styles, which may take more time and be more costly – but for those who appreciate calligraphic art and elegance, I can write small signs on cardboard and also labels.

Corporate gifts and artwork

Poems and favourite sayings written in calligraphy make excellent corporate gifts when colleagues marry, leave or retire, for example, and are also appropriate to be taken abroad as gifts.

                              Calligraphed for a politician for their wall



Heading and Heraldry


Calligraphy on picture-frame