Poems and Gifts Featuring the Calligraphy of Peter Taylor

Poems and other works in calligraphy make ideal gifts and Peter Taylor’s Calligraphics in Brisbane has an envied reputation for producing exactly what clients and recipients love.

Or maybe you have a favourite text you would like to frame for yourself?

The simplest format is to write the words in straight lines in the Italic calligraphy style using black ink that won’t fade. This always produces an elegant result.

A price quotation will always be given, but the cost is usually about $3 per line including parchment or quality watercolour paper. Decorated capitals, trail borders and decorations can be added and charged according to time spent. In this example, pictured right, cost are:

Paper and words in black - $42

‘After’ written in colour with a pen and fine white decoration - $12

Rolled and tied with ribbon, or in a double cardboard mat-board mount and elegantly framed, it would have been easily affordable and looked lovely without the added plant trails and butterflies, but...

Two butterflies - $15 each

Decoration around the top left corner using 23ct gold leaf - $60

Decoration at the bottom  - $50


To discover how much space a poem may take up, the smallest comfortable size for me to write is the same as that taken up by words typed in Lucida Calligra or Lucida Calligraphy type-font at 17pt size. If a poem is really long, I can write in calligraphy over several sides of paper and make it into a single section book.

Short poems, verses, quotes from the Bible and sayings can be also be treated simply, but offer scope for a greater degree of creativity with the layout of the words. For the best result, this non-traditional way of working usually requires some extra time to experiment with different layouts and colours. An often used quotation can make an appropriate corporate gift to someone who is leaving or retiring. The following example is a gift for a newly married couple.


Names and initials which can be framed are popular for all ages, and the cost will depend on their size, trail length, the use of gold leaf and the amount of wildlife added.

The works featured in these images have been illuminated with 23ct gold leaf.

If you have an idea for something that you would like written in calligraphy or created as an illumination, please contact me and I will be pleased to provide a price quotation. Though I can work with letters artistically and paint small creatures in miniature in a stylised way, I do not attempt to draw or paint people, their pets or other items that must look realistic.

All prices shown are for the work to be created for the purchaser’s personal use only. If an artwork is to be printed for commercial gain, a rights agreement will be drawn up and a different price negotiated.


$140 with mount

Poem and decorative capital $80
Border around 3 sides with 23ct gold leaf
$250 extra – but a shorter border of half this
length would have looked beautiful too.