Calligraphy for Weddings and All Occasions by Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor's Calligraphics in Brisbane provides professional calligraphy to add names to stationery for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and all special events.

Delight your guests with the personal touch.

Writing guest names on invitations, place cards and addressing envelopes

We will provide a quotation according to your exact needs, however as a rough guide:

Guest names centred on invitations
From $2.20 per invitation incl. GST

Names on place cards
From $1.98 per card incl. GST

Addressing envelopes
$3.85 per envelope incl. GST

For calligraphy in black ink, written in Italic style using a fountain pen, as illustrated right.

We can blend watercolour and artist quality gouache paint to closely match colours of fabrics or corporate colours and similarly, calligraphy in gold, silver and white is always done using paint. This is much more time-consuming than using a fountain pen, so extra cost will be involved.

Other calligraphy writing styles can also be used at additional cost, as they are also slower to write:


(also known as Old English)
This is most applicable when the words of an invitation are printed in the same style or similar font.


Most often used for Irish and Scottish flavoured invitations, documents or events. The wide letters of this style take up more room than those of other scripts. This is frequently not able to be used when several names have to fit on one line.

Foundational Hand

Similar to formal Roman based type faces.

Note: When designing your invitations, please ensure you create enough space to fit the longest guest names on your list. Whoever you choose to personalise your stationery, they will appreciate about 15% extra as spares - people are often added to the guest-list, and calligraphers are all human and can make errors.

Gold and silver is used to best effect on dark papers. These colours are
reflective and are never recommended for white envelopes. If a document is
printed in silver, consider using grey or a colour for added names. Brown ink and many other colours, including burgundy and green, go very well if black is believed to be too harsh a contrast.

Marriage Certificate

It is possible to have a calligrapher complete your marriage certificate in advance, ready for signing. Most celebrants allow a bride or groom to take the certificate to a calligrapher about two weeks prior to the event and return it to them for safe keeping.

Completed in archival quality black ink in Italic style, our charge is $20. It will be calligraphed while you wait, so a phone call prior to delivery is necessary.

If celebrants are not notified about this early enough, they will handwrite or type it themselves. Once this is done, they will probably be reluctant to issue another, as all certificates are individually numbered and have to be accounted for.

Boutique wedding stationery and occasion calligraphy design service

We do not arrange or print stationery, however once you have chosen your cards or paper and can provide the size of the space where words need to fit (and any fold positions that need to be avoided), we can design the wording in calligraphy to suit. For weddings, we can provide the calligraphy for your engagement invitations, save the day cards, wedding invitations, reply cards, ‘open house’ cards, wishing-well verses, order of ceremony covers and details, place cards, menus, toast lists, thank you cards or letters, and more, giving you complete freedom to choose the words. The artwork will be provided so that you or your printer can scan it and use it to print your stationery.

We can also provide calligraphy for office parties, printing birth announcements, naming ceremonies, baptisms, confirmations, birthday and anniversary celebrations, house-warming parties, New Year and Halloween gatherings, bereavement and more. Bah mitzvah and other occasion calligraphy can also be provided – but the text must use only the Roman alphabet. Someone else will have to write the Hebrew or other language, as required.

All artwork will be completed in black ink and reduced to size if necessary. This allows a printer to cast it into a metal block for printing in gold or silver foil, produce a printing plate for a raised ‘verco’ effect in any colour, or off-set litho print it also in any colour, or change its colour using Photoshop for digital printing.

Or you may only want a monogram designed or small verse written in calligraphy that can be used to accompany your own typesetting.

The original artwork will be yours to own and keep.


You may also consider having a verse or poem or other calligraphic work created as a special gift to parents, bridesmaids or groomsmen, for example. Please visit the ‘Poems and Gifts’ page on this website.








Menu master copy, approx. $60